Soap Calculator

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Download Manual Soap Calculator [Type1]  a soap calculator by Artiz Soap 
Download Soap Calculator (by weight) [Type2]

Some notes to use the manual soap calculator

  • The blue box is for inserting the figures to generate readings.
  • The pink box is the result / reading.
  • Note that 1 kg soap need at least 70% oil ingredients. So, 700gm oil for 1kg soap or 3.5kg oil for 5kg soap.
  • The total weight of recipe should be formulated (Total oil (gm) + NaOH/KOH (gm) + Water (gm) + Additives (gm) = Total soap weight (gm))
  • Superfat – the superfat term used in this soap calculator is to reduce the amount of NaOH / KOH. Lesser NaOH / KOH to react in the soap. For moisturising effect.
  • Essential oil / Fragrance oil is excluded from the soap calculator. For basic, 1kg soap required 20ml Essential oil or 10ml Fragrance oil.
  • Other additives are optional.
  • The main goal of soap calculator is to generate the correct amount lye (NaOH/KOH)
  • NaOH is Sodium Hydroxide & KOH is Potassium Hydroxide