Soap Clay Online Class

The speciality of this soap clay
  • able to make fine clay modelling designs
  • elastic texture, easy to reform into different shapes. similar to polymer clay effect
  • the clay will become solid and dry after expose to air for few days
  • the clay can be made in advance and keep for future use
  • able to mix with natural colorants or mica colorants
  • able to add scent using fragrance oil or essential oil [either will not affect the texture of soap clay
Online Class Content
  1. Step by step soap clay making from scratch
  2. Soap colour mixing
  3. Sample design 1: Rilakkuma Honey Cake
  4. Sample design 2: Snoopy House 

How to register?
  1. The fee of this online class is USD 159 / MYR 660
  2. All teaching materials are using pre-recorded video format. Student can view unlimited times for a period of 3 months.
  3. Payments can be made by using Paypal, credit card and local online bank transfer
  4. To register:

(Step 1) Fill up registration form [HERE]; (Step 2) Wait for confirmation email by Artiz Soap (your email detail must be accurate); (Step 3) Once received confirmation from Artiz Soap, you may proceed to payment; (Step 4) You will receive a successful completion email for accessing the online class

Note: If you do not receive confirmation email as mentioned above, DO NOT make payment. E-mail to if you do not received any email within 24 hours.

Extra videos for practice