Ombre X Beach Soap

Content of the online class
  • learn to make 3 transparent soap designs (ombre, mermaid, sandy beach)
  • this transparent soap can be made by using crystal glass soap base or commercial melt and pour soap base. or any type of transparent soap base
  • note that the making of crystal glass soap base from scratch is not included in this online class
  • this class is for learning the concept & designs. you can apply the concept to other themes.
  • Online class with pre-recorded videos to show step by step making
  • you can watch anywhere, anytime and unlimited viewing times
  • the colorant and soap moulds are available at Artiz Soap Shop [the page will update by 1st week November]
  • Fee for this class 39usd or MYR168
  • Read the TERMS & CONDITIONS & COPYRIGHTS in the registration form before proceed to registration [HERE]
How to register for this class?
  1. Fill up the registration form [HERE]
  2. Wait for confirmation email (make sure your email address is correct)
  3. In the confirmation email, we will include the payment details and few options are provided.
  4. You will receive a successful completion email with details to access the online class
  5. for further inquiry, contact us by email or WeChat artizsoapshop