Creative Liquid Soap [Online Class]


The purpose of this online class is to teach students how to make liquid soap paste / bar within 10minutes or less. The soap is made of KOH / Potassium Hydroxide and 100% vegan. The liquid soap bar is clear & transparent.

  • The recipes are 100% Vegan & Zero surfactants
  • No more using stick blender & slow cooker to make liquid soap
  • Liquid Soap Bar can be used as bar directly or dilute into liquid soap
  • The liquid soap (diluted form) is transparent clear
  • Total 3 recipes will be provided in this online class. And provided ideas to change the recipe.
  • The concept of this class can be apply to any liquid soap recipe. Except to make liquid soap bar has certain requirements. But, generally the concept of 10 minutes liquid soap paste making apply to any liquid soap recipe
  • There is no curing period for this liquid soap making, it is ready to use when the soap sets.
  • Liquid soap paste shelf life is generally the same as any other liquid soap recipe, at least a year.
  • Totally different recipe & steps from crystal glass soap making!
  • Videos are all with english subtitles, no speaking in the videos
Online Class Outline

We provide pre-recorded videos with unlimited access and viewing times in the online class FOR 3 MONTHS PERIOD.

Video 1: Preparation of Tools

Video 2: Preparation of Ingredients

Video 3: Step by Step Liquid Soap Bar Making [Explained Version]

Video 4: Recipe [Explain & Design]

Video 5: Liquid Soap Bar Recipe 1

Video 6: Liquid Soap Bar Recipe 2 (Colourless)

Video 7: Liquid Soap Bar Recipe 3

Video 8: Liquid Soap Bar Recipe 4

Video 9: Liquid Soap Bar Ombre Making

Video 10: Unmold, Cutting & Test washing of liquid soap bar

Video 11: Dilution of liquid soap bar into liquid form [Dilution explanation, PH & PH reduction and other testing with liquid soap paste] such as dilution with essential oil and fragrance oil etc

Video 12: Preparation of Soap Mould

Video 13: Soap packing & wrapping

Additional complimentary fun project

Registration Step by Step
  1. Fee is 179usd / MYR 750
  2. We accept Malaysia Local Bank transfer & Paypal for international transfer. Also, we can send a payment link to your email for credit card / debit transfer.
  3. Read our policies & copyrights [COPYRIGHTS LINK]. These terms & conditions are attached in the registration form.
  4. If you agree with our policies, may continue to fill-up the registration form [REGISTRATION FORM LINK]
  5. We will send an email to confirm your registration with payment details.
  6. Final, you may proceed to make payment.
  7. We will add you to the online class once step 6 above is completed.

Payment Mode Options

  1. For local Malaysian, you can choose local bank transfer
  2. For overseas students, you can choose to send money thru PayPal or request payment link to your email. (this payment link does not require PayPal account, you can use credit card or bank card to make payment)
  3. For special case, you can do international bank transfer. All the information will be provided once you have completed the registration form.
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