Master Courses

6days Soap Making Foundation Master Course

This course is suitable for beginner and experience soaper. 6days master course is a professional course that teaches from basic soap making to advance cold process soap making with different information available online or book. Training soapers to be able to control consistency of soap batter, flexibility to control soap batter for designs and to prevent ash problems.

this course includes basic to advance cold process soap making, short time hot process soap making, short time liquid soap making, melt and pour soap design making, cold process soap flower piping, cold process dessert soap making, soap clay making from scratch, and soap recipe calculation & design.

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5days Soap Making Creative Master Course

This course suits for soaper who wants to explore soaping method out of the box.

This is an advance soap making course which contains more technical knowledge. This course includes hot process soap piping cream making, crystal glass soap making, alcohol free melt and pour soap making from scratch, melt and pour soap piping cream making, cold process dessert soap bar making, and Banjug soap.

Pre-requisite of cold process soap making experience and able to calculate & design recipe.

  • 14th – 18th April 2020 (10am to 5pm everyday)
  • 27th – 31st May 2020 (10am to 5pm everyday)
  • 2nd – 7th June 2020 (10am to 5pm everyday)

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