New Generation Clear Soap Live Online Private Class

This is a homemade version of clear soap base without using alcohol or propylene glycol. This soap very suitable as herbal

It has the same function as commercial melt and pour soap, which melt to add colour, scent or additives. This soap melt under heat and solidifying when temperature drops. Also able to make designs like normal melt and pour soap. However, it is not as crystal clear as commercial melt and pour soap base and still require to wrap to prevent from sweating especially humid country.

The recent recipes in the class able to achieve slight tinted yellowish colour. The recipes are adjustable to different types of oil ingredients, therefore the colour outcome of each recipes are differ as well. It is a fun to play with flexible recipes even using herbal oil infusion, and easily convert to meltable soap to add more dry ingredients.

Day 1 [2 hours class]
  • Provide 3 recipes in the class. Practice making 2 recipes in class
  • Students will hands-on the making of new generation clear soap.
Day 2 [2 hours class]
  • learn to remelt, adding colour, and scent to the soap.
  • explanation on using mp colorant, herbal colorant, herbal oil infusion
  • explanation on changing the recipes with different ingredients and recipe calculation
  • 100% vegan recipes.
  • The soap is moisturising, nourshing and bubbly without any help of chemical surfactants.
  • This is a private live online one to one class.
  • Suitable for local Malaysia and overseas students.
  • Different when versus  crystal glass soap in terms of making methods and recipe contain alcohol
  • certificate exclusive class by Artiz Soap (Instructor Esther Cheng) [electronic copy]
Class structure
  • 2 classes to complete this class.
  • These 2 classes can complete within a week or continuous. Depends on student and teacher’s availability.
  • Teacher will send preparation list for class by email.
  • Class dates will arrange after registration complete.
  • 2 weeks preparation time (for student) to ready the ingredients and soap tools for class.
  • To confirm registration with full payment and complete a registration form.
  • To register contact WhatsApp +60163396303 / email