The Founder of Artiz Soap

I’m Esther Cheng, a mother of two beautiful children, a wife, a creative director, an entrepreneur and founder of Artiz Soap.

I love soap making! part of the reason because of my sensitive skin problem. Then I developed high interests in developing, creating, improving, innovating anything about handmade soap. I’m also a learner, attended soap making courses and went abroad to master my soap making skills. And I have also successfully received my certifications in various artsy skills and completed professional soap making training courses from all over the world. Currently pursuing my postgraduate study doctor of philosophy in Malaysia.

2016, I have developed a soap making master course, receiving students all around the world. They flew to Malaysia for class.

2017, I started to design creative soap making courses, which help to enhance creativity and designing skills for soap making. Creative classes such as cold process flower soap piping, cold process soap clay, dessert cake soap making and so on. My designs constantly changing every week or month. I did not follow the trend, I follow my heart ^^

2018, I have successfully design wonderful and exclusive classes, Hot Process Flower Soap piping master course and crystal glass soap making. Mid of 2018, launched my online classes for students who cannot travel to Malaysia. And started my overseas travelling teaching experience.

2019, is a focus year for my training career. Focus only 2 tasks, training students flew across countries to Malaysia for our master course and teaching overseas group classes.

Hope that I’m will able to bring more surprises in soap making designs and techniques in the coming future


from Esther Cheng