Cold Process Soap [Online Class]

This is an online class for beginner or zero knowledge soap making experience

Learning the basic cold process soap making process, to make beautiful handmade soaps

And learn to make breastmilk / milk cold process soap

Class content

  • This is a pre-recorded online class
  • All information and practical are in video format
  • Learn to make basic cold process soap
  • Learn to make 2 layers design cold process soap
  • 2 methods to make cold process soap (by fully handwhisking & using electronic hand/stick blender)
  • Learn soap making method without using any thermometer
  • Learn to add scent to soap
  • Recipes with palm oil and palm-free
  • Understand the basic theory of cold process soap making
  • learn soap cutting, soap cleaning & shaping, soap stamping and soap PH testing
  • What happen to the soap? tips to understand some features of cold process soap
  • The result of this online class is for beginner to understand all the important basics theories about handmade soap
  • Also, understand the important basics of cold process soap making methods before making more advancing making methods in future.
  • Complimentary videos
    • Breastmilk soap making (breastmilk can be replaced with any type of milk)
    • 2 Recipes provided for breastmilk soap
    • Recycle soap mold making
  • Total 8 videos to watch

About Recipes

  • Simple easy find food grades ingredients
  • Require sodium hydroxide (any local country soap ingredients supplier)
  • Require scent such as essential oil and fragrance oil
  • Full recipes provided in the online class videos
  • a recipe for fully handwhisking
  • a recipe for hand/stick blending
  • 2 recipes for breastmilk soap
  • total 4 recipes in this online class

To register & requirement

  • Require a facebook account to access the online class.
  • Student can watch and access unlimited times for 3 months period of time
  • Payment can be done by Paypal, Credit Card or Local transfer (Malaysia banking)
  • Fee USD 85 / MYR 360
  • Step by Step registration
  • Fill up the Registration Form
  • Wait for confirmation email by Artiz Soap Team (your email must be accurate)
  • Once received confirmation email by Artiz Soap Team, you may proceed to payment
  • You will receive a successful completion registration email
  • Note: Do not make any payment if you did not receive any confirmation email by Artiz Soap Team. E-mail to to check your registration status