Cold Process Soap Live Online

The important learnings in cold process soap class, student will learn to make 9 types of cold process soap making from basic to advancing. Understand how to control the consistency to allow you to have much longer time to mix colours – design to pour to mold. Learn to prevent soda ash on cold process soap. Another plus to know how to make soap without using a “stick blender”, yet the soap is fast ready (ie. the stick blender is used to speed up the soaping process). without stick blender, yet make sure the soap failure free.

includes learn about cold process soap colouring (mix and match with mica colours and clay powders), learn different ways of cut and shaped the cold process soap

Hands-on or Live online class

the structure arrangement of foundation master course live online class is different from hands-on class. However, the course content is totally the same and receive the same certificate at the end of the course. Hands-on class will be completed within 2.5 days. Live online class will take longer time to complete.

Benefits of Hands-on class

  • Meet teacher in person and hands-on guidance
  • Soap making tools and ingredients provided in class, prepared by Artiz Soap
  • Shorter duration to complete the intensive class
  • Suitable for local students
  • Maximum [4] students in a class

Benefits of Live online

  • Live online one to one consultation. Teacher will closely monitor student’s activity during soap making with instructions.
  • Suitable for overseas students who have difficulty to travel
  • Suitable for local students prefer social distancing
  • Same course content as hands-on class, but breaking to [6] classes to complete in [2] months time. As close as once a week class.
  • [2] hours each class
  • Students can practice before the next week class
  • Pre-setting time and schedules in advance. suit both teacher and student
  • Preparation of ingredients list and soap making tools will be provided in advance to registered students. Student will have immediate available ingredients and tools for practice.
  • Same certificate as hands-on foundation master course
Course Outline

Cold Process Soap Making

Class 1:

  • Basic understanding of cold process soap making process,
  • Understand the cold process soap making traditional method,
  • Explain Artiz Soap step by step cold process soap making
  • (CP Making 1) Basic Cold Process Soap Making Method,
  • (CP Making 2) Milk Cold Process Soap Making Method,
  • (CP Making 3) Butter Cold Process Soap Making Method and unmold soap.

Class 2:

  • Theoretical day, understand the insights of cold process soap mechanism and theory from Artiz Soap’s perspective view.
  • Artiz Soap cold process soap making styles explains.

Class 3: Understand basic swirl technique,

  • (CP Making 4) Cold Process Soap Zero mistakes swirl, to make swirl on top to bottom of a 1kg soap loaf mold
  • (CP Making 5) Cold Process Soap Design Marble Tiles

Class 4:

understand more ways to play with cold process soap batter

  • (CP Making 6) Cold Process Soap Design Gradation
  • (CP Making 7) Cold Process Soap Design Real Wood Grain

Class 5: 

  • (CP Making 8) Cold Process Soap Design Granite
  • (CP Making 9) Cold Process Soap Design Feather

Class 6:

  • (CP Making 10) Cold Process Soap Design Cosmic
  • (CP Making 11) Cold Process Soap Design Drops

Requirements & Terms and Conditions

  • Student able to access wifi and attend live class
  • Live class is very important to give immediate response to any mistake made during soap making process or give direct consultation if any question or doubt during making process.
  • The online class is only one to one private class. A student and A teacher.
  • Time and schedules will meet suitability between teacher and student. Will also take into consideration time zone difference. Teacher will be able take midnight or late night class if student have total opposite time zone. Advance booking is required.
  • Note that selection of dates and times only valid after confirm registration by payment. Dates for 1st come 1st serve.
  • Same course content as hands-on class, but breaking to [6] classes to complete in [2] months time. As close as once a week class.
  • [2] hours each class
  • Student required be able to independently prepare ingredients and tools before class. Preparation list will be provided after registration.
  • Students require to attend total [6] Live online Classes
  • Class will be conduct in english and handout will be in english language.
  • Class handouts and preparation list will be email in pdf file. Each Class handout will be send out at least a week ahead of class or maybe much earlier depends on the schedule of next class.
  • Student require to submit photos of soaps on the next day after untold, cutting and shaping.
  • We reserved all rights to change the course outline to meet the latest trends or soaping mechanism at anytime in order to build a better artisan soap making academy.
  • This course has no certificate. But student plan to join foundation master course, fee paid for cold process soap class can be deducted. 
  • Full payment to confirm registration. All fees paid are non-refundable.
  • If student have emergency and unable to attend class, at least 24hrs notice by WhatsApp or email direct to Artiz Soap management.
  • Payment to be done by international bank transfer from student’s local bank.
  • Click here WhatsApp to confirm your registration or further inquiry.
  • Alternative contact by email
  • This Live online class is a temporary setting for this pandemic.

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