Cold Process Flower Soap Piping [Online Class]


Flower Cupcake Soap (Cold Process Soap) Online Class

  • This online class is pre-recorded format.
  • Students can watch unlimited times and anytime for 3 months period. FROM THE DATE ENTER THE CLASS, THEN START TO COUNT 3MONTHS
  • The link will be provided to access Facebook secret group to watch the videos upon full payment.
  • payment can be done by using PayPal or local bank transfer. LINK to FEE and REGISTER HERE
  • Fee is USD 129 / MYR540
  • Exclusive discount for students who attended our flower cupcake cold process soap class

Class content

  • Flower cupcake soap 
    13 videos to watch (total 1 hour 15 minutes 71 seconds)
  1. Make soap cream (recipe with palm & palm free provided)
  2. Make soap cream Part 2
  3. Making lye solution
  4. Piping Tools
  5. Things you should know before start to pipe
  6. Mixing colour
  7. Piping Rose
  8. Piping Scabiosa
  9. Piping Apple Blossom
  10. Piping Chamomile
  11. Piping Camelia
  12. Making cupcake soap base

Extra Videos

  •  Soap cream making with or without essential oil and fragrance oil
  • Special Note: How much cream you should fill into piping bag?
  • Flower Cake soap (Bonus!) 8 videos to watch (total 1 hour 3 minutes 44 seconds)
  1. learn to pipe additional flowers (peony, hydrangea, baby breaths, dahlia, big leaf)
  2. learn to make cake base (fast layering technique)
  3. demonstration on how to cut the hard cake base easily
  4. icing the cake base with cold process soap (recipe provided)

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