Crystal Glass Soap

launch in July 2018

The initial idea of me started experimenting making transparent soap bar was out of curiosity. How you make the soap so transparent like glass? its another beauty! So I went countless experiments! started with 3 hours cooking! it was crazy! waiting time and waiting time.

Then list down all the cons that i have to overcome,

  • how to reduce long cooking hours?
  • how to reduce yellowish colour of natural oil?
  • how to make it hardened faster become soap base?
  • how to make it crystal glass?
  • how to reduce sweat & remain fresh condition?
  • Do we really need to use complicated ingredients?

Well, crystal glass soap is here now 🙂

Information about hands-on class

The content of this class

  • This crystal glass soap making technique only requires 20mins ‘making time’ from mixing ingredients to pour into soap mould
  • This crystal glass soap is also meltable, to reuse as melt and pour soap base by adding colour and pour to any soap moulds
  • We provide 1 recipe for hands-on class
  • We avoid using complicated ingredients, students can easily source for ingredients. Options are given to replace certain ingredients
  • Information about the ingredients / recipe will only be provided in class.
  • Student will learn to make 500gm crystal glass soap bar from scratch and make 500gm ombre crystal glass soap bar from scratch.
  • Student will learn to remelt the soap base to add essential oil/fragrant and colour and pour to style soap moulds.
  • We provide solution for students about soap sweating and how to preserve the soap for shipping. This problem happened more to humid countries such as Malaysia.
  • Thus, students will bring back 500gm crystal glass soap (original), 500gm ombre crystal glass soap.
  • Ingredients and soap making tools will be provided in class.

Things you should know

  1. This handmade crystal glass soap bar is different from commercial melt and pour soap base. If you looking for perfect transparent colour (colourless), you have to choose commercial melt and pour soap base.
  2. We provide fast & simple made from scratch 20minutes solution for home soap maker to make their own crystal glass soap bar with added benefit to reuse it as melt and pour soap. The soap is nourshing, fresh cleaning feel and bubbly without any help of chemical surfactants.
  3. The colour of the soap has tiny yellowish tinted as soap loaf.
  4. The soap is hard and crystal clear, stunning even just a soap bar.

Registration Requirement

  • This course is a hands-on class
  • Will provide all ingredients, soap making tools, handout and recipes in class.
  • Suitable for experience soap maker, know how to design and calculate recipe
  • Class can be conducted in english, chinese, malay, and korean.
    For korean, there is a translating fee for a translator (optional)
  • The course outline is subject to change from time to time, because Artiz Soap is a fully soap making Research & development academy. The recipes, techniques and methods will be improved and updated.
  • Advance booking required to confirm your class
  • To register contact Whatsapp+60163396303 / / click on righthand pink messenger icon to message us
  • For more samples of students’ work click here to view more
  • Location of class, Artiz Atelier Academy, No. 23, Jalan Sungai Burung X32/X, Bukit Rimau, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
  • oversea applicants, kindly contact WhatsApp +60163396303 or WeChat artizsoapshop for accommodation and transportation suggestions.
  • To register or inquire, contact WhatsApp +60163396303 or WeChat artizsoapshop or email

Photo Samples of Crystal Glass Soap