Creative Hot Process Soap [Intensive]

Hot process soap is different from cold process soap.

  • Require heat to cook the soap
  • Soap ready to use immediately after unmold, but curing is required to allow the soap become hard bar.
  • Soap ready to unmold for less than 2 hours
  • Less curing period as compare to cold process soap

We personally think that hot process soap is very challenging, its totally different soap world than cold process soap. Some people preferred hot process soap because it will be ready once the soap is hardened. Some people think that cooking soap is very therapeutic activity. So, there are cp soapers and hp soapers. There is no best way of making soap, but most importantly learning all kinds of soap making methods can help you to manage well in terms of order due dates, schedules, designs, effects, texture, and customers’ satisfaction.

In the course, we have improvised the method by using simple ingredients and simple soap making tools to achieve fluid consistency. And allow the soap to stay fluid for longer time without any further heating to make complicated designs.

The course goals

  • hard bar
  • effortless to make hot process soap
  • smooth bar like cold process soap
  • no crockpot / no slow cooker / no microwave
  • less investment for soap making tools
  • fast and simple making hot process soap making
  • as fast as 15mins from scratch to soap mould
  • less than 2 hours to unmold soap
  • able to achieve complicated designs just like cold process soap
  • reduce curing period, much shorter than cold process soap bar

total 2.5days intensive hot process soap making class.

Day 1 & 2 from 10am to 5pm

Day 3 from 10am to 1pm

Day 1: Basic Hot Process Soap Making

Learn about the theory and understand how to control the fluid consistency of hot process soap. Also, learn to understand the basic factors to change the recipes.

Soap 1: Basic Hot Process Soap Bar

Soap 2: Milk Hot Process Soap Bar

Soap 3: Exotic Puree Hot Process Soap Bar

practice to make hot process soap with different core ingredients. understand the differences and steps with different recipes.

Day 1: Intermediate Hot Process Soap Making

Soap 4: Hot Process Soap for creative molds [able to fill cute molds easily just like cold process soap]

Soap 5: Hot Process Soap for Gems

the purpose of this design to learn how to combine glycerin soap with hot process soap

both instantly can be used after hardened and dry. therefore, they work very well together.

Soap 6: Hot Process Soap for swirls

Day 2: Advance Hot Process Soap Making

Soap 7: Hot Process Soap for cloud

Soap 8: Hot Process Soap for dripping swirl

Soap 9: Hot Process Soap for mysterious cosmic

Soap 10: Hot Process Soap for gradation

Soap 11: Hot Process Soap for marble stone

Total making 11 types of hot process soaps in 2 days

learn to cut and shape the soap bars according to the designs at the end of Day 2

tips & tricks to reduce the curing period of hot process soap.

Upcoming Schedules

  • 23rd tp 24th April 2020 (10am to 5pm everyday) & 27th April 2020 (9am to 12:00pm)
  • Other dates, kindly contact +60163396303 by whatsapp for latest class schedule or registration


  • Optional to split the classes to complete into 2 trips (within 2 months)
  • Registration in advance is required to confirm.
  • Hands-on intensive course.
  • Will provide all ingredients, soap making tools, handout and recipes in class.
  • Suitable for beginner / zero knowledge / Experience soap maker
  • Class can be conducted in english, chinese, malay, and korean.
  • For korean, there is a translating fee for a translator (optional)
  • For overseas students, may inquire for recommended nearby hotel & transportation.
  • To register, whatsapp +60163396303 / email to
  • The course outline is subject to change from time to time, because Artiz Soap is a fully soap making Research & development academy. The recipes, techniques and methods will be improved and updated.