Master Course

5 Days Soap Making Master Course

This course is suitable for beginner (ie. zero knowledge in soap making)  to master all kinds of soap making methods, which include mastering cold process soap making, hot process soap making, liquid soap making, dessert soap decoration, soap clay making from scratch, melt and pour design soap making, and learn to calculate & design recipes.

What so special about this 5days soap making master course?

Artiz Soap master course is all about soap making with different recipes, methods, technical knowledge and techniques to achieve professional soap designs and outcomes. Student will learn different types of cold process soap methods. And learn to choose suitable methods to meet certain circumstances and factors, such as availability tools, time, recipes, availability of ingredients, soap mold designs, customer's demand, complication of designs, order deadline and so on.
Learning different soap making methods and technical knowledge will encourage students to inhabit critical thinking when comes to achieve the exact soap batter that required to make certain design or handling sensitive ingredients such as dairy ingredients, herbs, natural powders etc. "sensitive ingredients" required special ways to add into soap batter to prevent from any nutrients damage / might affect the soap designs.
80% of this course is focusing on cold process soap making and 20% is about hot process soap making and melt and pour soap. It is important to have some basic understanding of other soap making methods instead of just cold process soap making. The last part of this course will be learning how to create and design your own recipes. During the course, students will be intensively train on practical soap making then lastly theoretical. Student will initially feel, touch and see all soap making processes before starting to understand how to create any recipes. This will reduce the chances of failures and testings in the future!

Day 1 

be a master of Cold Process Soap Making

  • learn to make basic cold process soap, milk soap and butter soap (3 types)

  • The key learnings in this cold process soap making class☘️ In the class, we teach you to make cold process soap. a type of handmade soap which made from oil and lye.☘️ We teach you to understand how make handmade soap with different cold process soap recipes and different types of interesting designs. And be able to control all kinds of consistency to make from simple to complicated designs.

    ☘️ Understand how to control the consistency to allow you to have much longer time to mix colours - design to pour to mold. And failure down to Zero.

    ☘️ Another plus to know how to make soap without using a "stick blender", yet the soap is fast ready (ie. the stick blender is used to speed up the soaping process). without stick blender, yet make sure the soap failure free.

  • cold process soap making from basic to intermediate level
    • intermediate cold process soap design: ombre and zero mistake swirl, real marble cold process soap bar, and gradation (4 types)
      • learn to make smooth and hard soap
      • learn about cold process soap colouring (mix and match colour mica & clay powders)
      • learn different ways of cut & shaped the cold process soaps (on the last day)
      • learn to stamp on your soap (on the last day)
      • And learn to prepare all the soap bases for the following days

Day 2

be a master of Hot Process Soap Making

  • the beauty of liquid soap by Artiz Soap is taking short time to make liquid soap (15minutes method making from scratch) 
    • you will be learning 2 types of short time liquid soap making
    • type 1: Colourless liquid soap paste
    • type 2: liquid soap paste (works for any recipe)
    • learn about natural thickening effects
    • learn to dilute liquid soap and other liquid soap making knowledge

  • learn to make hot process soap (fast and easy method from scratch)
    • learn recipe 1 to make hot process soap basic (design: minimalist)
    • Recipe 2: learn to make hot process soap basic (design: layer)
  • learn to make melt and pour design soap
    • learn to enhance soap base to crystal clear soap
    • include learn to use soap base to make gradient soap, cloud effects and crystal gems (3 designs)

Day 3

be a master of Creative Soap Making part 1

Advance Cold Process Soap Making (8 types)

Advance type 1: Fast layering ombre soap

Advance type 2: Feather swirl soap

Advance type 3: Drops swirl soap

Advance type 4: Wood texture inspired soap

Advance type 5: Cosmic

  • learn to make dessert cake soap
    • learn to make Cake Base
    • learn making dessert ornaments
    • learn icing cake base with cold process soap
    • learn to decorate dessert cake and making piping cream
    • learn to cut hard cake soap effortlessly

Day 4

be master of Creative Soap Making part 2

  • learn to make cold process flower soap [piping with soap]
    • learn to make cake base
    • include learning to make cold process cupcake soap base
    • include learning flower arrangement on cake bases
    • include learning how to make use of colour palette to enhance your soap design
    • learn to pipe flowers (rose, classic peony, berries & leaf)

Day 5

Advance Cold Process Soap Making

  • learn to make cold process soap clay
    • make soap clay from scratch
    • modelling soap clay (design to updated from time to time)

  • learn to calculation, design soap recipe & basic introduction of aromatherapy (theory lesson for beginner in soaps recipe formulation and calculation with basic aromatherapy knowledge)

Course Minutiae

  • Compulsory to attend 5 days class.
  • For students who join this course, entitle to enjoy complimentary access to Cold Process Flower Soap piping online class.
  • Registration in advance is required.
  • Hands-on intensive course.
  • Course include all ingredients, recipes and tools in class.
  • suitable for beginner / experience soap maker to bring interest or skills into business or career as instructor.
  • Experience exclusive creative soap making classes here to enhance your soap making skills to professional.
  • complete with a master course certificate
  • only available once a month. may split the 5 days to complete within 3 months after full payment.
  • Class can be conducted in english, chinese, malay, and korean.
  • For korean, there is a translating fee for a translator (optional)
  • The course outline is subject to change from time to time, because Artiz Soap is a fully soap making Research & development academy. The recipes, techniques and methods will be improved and updated.
  • Class schedules
    • 4th - 9th February 2020 (10am to 5pm everyday)
    • 25th - 29th March 2020 (10am to 5pm everyday)
    • 8th - 12th April 2020 (10am to 5pm everyday)


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Photo samples of works

cold process soap bar

Dessert cake soap

Flower cake
Melt & Pour Soap