Bake your brownie in your “soap” kitchen

Bake “chocolate brownie” with dough soap!

add dough soap vanilla ice cream on top of brownie cake soap

then convert dough soap to chocolate sauce

make the soap more interesting to use!

Steps to make the chocolate brownie vanilla ice cream soap

  1. Make the chocolate brownie cake base with banjug/dough soap. Choose any brown soap colorant that matches the brown as picture shown above.
  2. Place the banjug/dough soap in a rectangular soap mold.
  3. Then cut the brownie bases into few equivalent square sizes.
  4. Prepare the vanilla ice cream banjug/dough soap in a cup or container, use ice cream scoop to scoop out like ordinary ice cream.
  5. Prepare chocolate sauce by converting the dough soap to chocolate icing.
  6. Pipe the chocolate sauce between the brownie cake base. Then stack the brownie bases like sandwich.
  7. Pipe some chocolate sauce on top of brownie sandwich.
  8. Place the vanilla ice cream on chocolate sauce
  9. Continue to drizzle some chocolate sauce over the ice cream