• Bake your brownie in your “soap” kitchen

    Bake “chocolate brownie” with dough soap! add dough soap vanilla ice cream on top of brownie cake soap then convert dough soap to chocolate sauce make the soap more interesting to use! Steps to make the chocolate brownie vanilla ice cream soap Make the chocolate brownie cake base with banjug/dough soap. Choose any brown soap colorant that matches the brown as picture shown above. Place the banjug/dough soap in a rectangular soap mold. Then cut the brownie bases into few equivalent square sizes. Prepare the vanilla ice cream banjug/dough soap in a cup or container, use ice cream scoop to scoop out like ordinary ice cream. Prepare chocolate sauce by…

  • About Master Course

    Many people ask us why 5days master course? what so special about this course?   Artiz Soap master course is all about soap making with different recipes, methods, technical knowledge and techniques to achieve professional soap designs and outcomes. Student will learn different types of cold process soap methods. And learn to choose suitable methods to meet certain circumstances and factors, such as availability tools, time, recipes, availability of ingredients, soap mold designs, customer’s demand, complication of designs, order deadline and so on.   Learning different soap making methods and technical knowledge will encourage students to inhabit critical thinking when comes to achieve the exact soap batter that required to…

  • Artiz Soap Colours

    preparing new colours for soap making class <3 students get to enjoy playing with more colours in class <3   we have fluorescents, pastels, matte colours and so on! they are also available for sale! stay tune for more details of the colours this week. subscribe our newsletter to receive updates all time ! www.artizsoap.com

  • Simple yet beautiful

    these soaps are made of cold process soap and natural colorants from clay powders. made with simple cold process soap recipe and method. it takes about 24hrs from soap batter to unmold These soaps are made by students from 5days soap making master course their very 1st soap making project in the course  

  • Fast Layering

    Fast Layering Technique easy and simple making 5 layers soap without long waiting time! . this technique is inclusive in our 5Days Master Course & 3days CP class  

  • Limited special edition soap making class

    Special edition now available for students who sign up between now till 30th June 2019 will enjoy learning additional designs as complimentary. Class schedules available to choose until December 2019. This only available for 3days cold process soap bar class & 5days soap making master course. For students who have already attended the course/class above, you are also eligible to redeem the complimentary designs. Just contact us to know more & book your dates. 👇click the link below to know more about 3days cold process soap bar class 👉 https://artizsoap.com/clas…/cold-process-soap-bar-intensive/ 5days soap making master course 👉 https://artizsoap.com/classes/course/

  • Upcoming Experience Class

                Photos from the experience class  _late post >< simple and easy cold process soap making as starter! learn to make your own handmade soap  Experience handmade soap making at Artiz Soap! / During the 2 hours hands-on class \ / you will learn how to make handmade soaps with natural ingredients & decorative ideas \ / Suitable for beginners \ / Tools, ingredients and recipes will be provided \ / You will bring home 1kg of soap \ Class will be conducted in English We are having a special promotion price for the first 50 registration between May to August 2019 Link to register …