About Master Course

Many people ask us why 5days master course? what so special about this course?
Artiz Soap master course is all about soap making with different recipes, methods, technical knowledge and techniques to achieve professional soap designs and outcomes. Student will learn different types of cold process soap methods. And learn to choose suitable methods to meet certain circumstances and factors, such as availability tools, time, recipes, availability of ingredients, soap mold designs, customer’s demand, complication of designs, order deadline and so on.
Learning different soap making methods and technical knowledge will encourage students to inhabit critical thinking when comes to achieve the exact soap batter that required to make certain design or handling sensitive ingredients such as dairy ingredients, herbs, natural powders etc. “sensitive ingredients” required special ways to add into soap batter to prevent from any nutrients damage / might affect the soap designs.
80% of this course is focusing on cold process soap making and 20% is about hot process soap making and melt and pour soap. It is important to have some basic understanding of other soap making methods instead of just cold process soap making. The last part of this course will be learning how to create and design your own recipes. During the course, students will be intensively train on practical soap making then lastly theoretical. Student will initially feel, touch and see all soap making processes before starting to understand how to create any recipes. This will reduce the chances of failures and testings in the future!
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