A La Carte

The classes below can be registered separately.

Liquid Soap Making

This is liquid soap making class for all kinds of handmade liquid soap recipes. Learn to control liquid soap flow from watery to honey.

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Melt & Pour Soap Cream Hands-on Class

The whole cake is made with melt and pour soap base. The cream can use for piping and icing purposes. Frosting cream texture.

Hot Process Soap Cream Master Course

This is an alternative as cream for any piping purposes. Able to give long time for piping practice or doing design without worry of getting hard as fast as cold process soap.

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Banjug Soap

We also call it dough soap, its made with natural ingredients smooth and silky surface just like cold process soap

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Crystal Glass Soap Hands-on Class

Learn to make home made melt and pour soap base from scratch without surfactants or any bubble agent. Simple and short time making process.

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New Generation Clear Soap Hands-on Class

Learn to make clear melt and pour soap base without using alcohol and propylene glycol. Also not using any synthetic surfactants

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2.5days Cold Process Soap Bar Intensive Class

This class only focus on cold process soap making. learning from basic to complicated colour mixing and designs. Understand ways to controlling consistency of cold process soap to make desirable designs. Introduce new concept of cold process soap making to reduce the chances of failure.

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Dessert Cold Process Soap Bar Advance Class

Learn to make yummylicious dessert cold process soap bar

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