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Crystal Glass Soap [Online Class]

This recipe is specially design for homemakers or soapers who need simple and easy soap making of crystal glass soap

a crystal glass soap with balance between transparency, bubbles and moisturising effects~

About this online class

  • This crystal glass soap making technique only requires 20mins ‘making time’ from mixing ingredients to pour into soap mould
  • This crystal glass soap is also meltable, to reuse as melt and pour soap base by adding colour and pour to any soap moulds
  • We provide 1 recipe in the class
  • We avoid using complicated ingredients, students can easily source for ingredients. Options are given to replace certain ingredients
  • Information about the ingredients / recipe will only be provided in online class
  • pre-recorded videos, unlimited viewing times
  • Fee of this online class Usd 129 / Myr 515
  • Payment can be made by use PayPal or local bank transfer (Malaysia bank)

Class outline

Video 1: Prepare Tools
Video 2: Ingredients & preparation step by step 
Video 3: 20minutes crystal glass soap making
Video 4: More explanation of 20minutes making process
Video 5: PH testing & Test Wash
Video 6: Remelt & Ombre Soap Making
Video 7: How to handle sweat & packaging

NOTE: Video 7 is not available until 22nd of July 2018. You can sign-up and watch the 6 videos while waiting for the last video.















Things you should know about Crystal Glass Soap & Class

  1. This handmade crystal glass soap bar is different from commercial melt and pour soap base. If you looking for perfect transparent colour (colourless), you have to choose commercial melt and pour soap base.
  2. We provide fast & simple made from scratch 20minutes solution for home soap maker to make their own crystal glass soap bar with added benefit to reuse it as melt and pour soap. The soap is nourshing, fresh cleaning feel and bubbly without any help of chemical surfactants.
  3. The colour of the soap has mild yellowish tinted colour.
  4. The soap is hard and crystal clear, stunning even just a soap bar.
  5. Read the TERMS&CONDITIONS & COPYRIGHTS in the registration form before proceed for registration [HERE]
  6. If you have any inquiry regarding the class, you can email to or Facebook message us using the pink icon on right bottom of this page.


How to register for this class?

  1. Fill up the registration form [HERE]
  2. Wait for confirmation email by Artiz Soap (your email detail must be accurate)
  3. Once received confirmation from Artiz Soap, you may proceed to payment.
  4. You will receive a successful completion email for accessing the online class.

Note: If you do not receive confirmation email as mentioned above, DO NOT make payment. E-mail to if you do not received any email within 24 hours.


More photos & video samples of the soap

Ombre Crystal Glass Soap Purple & peach Added fragrance oil too 😎

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Test washing the soap with final recipe 😘😗 No surfactants at all 😘

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