Custom Made Breastmilk Soap (FAQ)

1. How much is the pick-up service if required?

RM40. This service is only available within Klang Valley area. To save travelling time, you may choose our pick-up and delivery service. It’s our personal service that goes straight to your doorstep to pickup and immediately delivers to us. Date and time of pick-up upon convenience of both parties.

2. The breastmilk must be in frozen condition before delivery?

Yes, you need to wrap the frozen breastmilk in a few layers of newspaper and then wrap it in one layer of plastic. If you sent in breastmilk bottles, we will return the bottles to you together with the soap later.

3. How much breastmilk required to make 1 kg of breastmilk soap? How old can the milk be?

We only need 200ml (7 oz) of frozen breastmilk to make 1 kg of breastmilk soap. As long as the breastmilk is kept in frozen deep fridge, the breastmilk can be up to one year old or more. If the breastmilk is kept for more than 3 years, customer may consult our customer service before placing any order.

4. Any additional charges for design?

There is no additional charge for choosing soap mould design, for other designs are available in order form (link)

5. Size of soaps

It is estimate you will receive 10 to 12 pcs (we cut the soaps by hand so the sizes of soaps may be varied. But the total will make up to 1kg.

Standard BM soap design[LP]





6. What are the ingredients used to make the soap? Sensitive skin can use?

Handmade soap is made from natural ingredients (food grade oil) and sodium hydroxide (a type of salt from sea). Yes, it’s very suitable for sensitive skin, as we do not add any essential oil in the soap recipe.

7. Is it possible to add essential oil?

Yes, you can request to add essential oil to your soap. Details in the order form (link)

8. How long till the soap will reaches to you?

If you personally send in the breastmilk to our retail shop: For example, if you send in the breastmilk and make payment today at our shop. We estimate 14 working days for production. We will contact customer on when to pick up on the following week.

If you use our Involved pickup and delivery service: For example, if you made payment today, we will immediately arrange pickup date with you. Then taking into account 14 working days for production and then we will arrange the delivery back to you in 3 working days time. Delivery will depend on your availability.

14 working days for production + 3 working days to pack and ready for delivery back to customer = 17 working days in total

Note that, we will start counting production days when we receive your breastmilk. If any delay caused by customer’s reason for busy to arrange pick/delivery, we will not responsible for any delay.

However, the soaps sent back to you are required to be cured (dry open air) for at least 4 Weeks. The ready date will state in our Soap Birth Cert and instructions are attached together with your ready soap for how to take care of the soaps.

9. How long can you keep the soaps?

The date of expiration is stated in the Soap Birth Certificate. Usually we will state a year as standard. But, the soaps can last longer depend on customer storage condition. Avoid strong sunlight and high room temperature.

9. What documents comes together with the soap?

A soap birth certificate and Receipt of payment.

10. How to go about with order?

Step 1:    Fill up the order form (link)

Step 2:    Wait for confirmation order. Will reply within 1 working day or less.

Step 3:    We will contact you by WhatsApp to confirm the order. And send payment details to you in the message.

Step 4:    Update your payment status thru Whataspp +6016336303.

Step 5:     If you are sending the breastmilk personally, just send it as soon as possible after your payment. On the other hand, we will arrange pickup date with you shortly after received the replied from Step 3 above if applicable.

Step 6:     Allow 14 working days for production. We will contact you on when to pickup the soaps or if you wish to deliver.


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